Nemesis Boat Club was formed in 2005 after the merger of The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST. In June 2008 the club was affiliated with British Rowing and it is now possible to race as Nemesis Boat Club including at Henley from 2009 (provided you are not a current student at the University of Manchester).

In February 2005 MUBC held its first Annual Dinner in Manchester Town Hall, almost 100 people attended and the night was a huge success. The Annual Dinner has gone from strength to strength and now includes the presentation of the Bridgewater Cup, to the winner of the MUBC 1st VIII vs. Nemesis race. In 2009 the Bridgewater Cup was presented to Nemesis BC for the first time after a row-over when the quays turned into something resembling the sea and the 1st VIII decided not to accept the challenge from Nemesis BC.

MUBC Presidential History

*represents a UMIST BC president

2021/22Matthew Layton
2020/21Lucy Loughlan
2019/20Miles McEwen
2018/19Emelia Cole
2017/18Emily Harding
2016/17Tom Davies
2015/16Jack Roe
2014/15Oliver Whalley
2013/14Simon Moss
2012/13Simon Moss
2011/12Katherine Haynes
2010/11Olivia Thomas
2009/10Kate Hodgkinson
2008/9Nick Turnbull
 2007/8Veronica Wood
2006/7Chris Cook
2005/6Daisy Gladstone
2004/5Nick Aldridge
2003/4Joe Corrigan*
2003/4Evan Bickmore
2002/3Howard Versay
2001/2Jon Lindsell*
2001/2Gareth Wynn
2000/1Duncan Wall*
2000/1Sanjay Srikanthan
1999/2000Steve Berry*
1999/2000Richard Hutchinson
1998/9H Maclehose
1997/8Chris Head*
1997/8Rachel Hobcroft
1996/7Joe Noake*
1996/7R Renjal
1995/6Michelle Davies*
1995/6M Follows
1994/5Chris Gardener*
1994/5B Tew
1993/4M Maclean
1992/3P Crozier
1991/2P Crozier
1990/1P Little
1989/90J Bates
1988/9E Williams
1987/8S Elsy
1986/7J Mellors
1985/6Penny Letts
1984/5J Wilkinson
1983/4D Ganderton
1982/3D Rowe
1981/2David Richardson
1980/1David Richardson
1979/80Tim Gabriel
1978/9R Wall
1977/8Richard Smith
1976/7Julian George
1975/6Robert Moore
1974/5R Mathewson
1973/4R Foster-Moore
1972/3R Watson
1971/2J Tweed
1970/1P Shennan
1969/70P Derrick
1968/9G Hobden
1967/8C Payne
1966/7D Sweeney
1965/6A Willats
1964/5G Ames
1963/4A Chalmers
1962/3Chris Wardley
1961/2John Anderson
1960/1D Hughes
1959/60Brian Roberts
1958/9R Hughes
1957/8J O’Brien
1956/7J O’Brien
1955/6K Boothby
1954/5K Boothby
1953/4R Fricker
1952/3S G Sutton
1951/2N Wood
1950/1C Wild
1949/50A Wright
1948/9E Street
1947/8P Andrew
1946/7C Moss
1945/6D Macleod
1944/5D Macleod
1943/4B Dawson
1942/3J Birthwistle
1941/2 W McKinnel
1940/1W McKinnel
1939/40W McKinnel
1938/9W McKinnel
1937/8J Hunter
1936/7J Hunter
1935/6H Green
1934/5J Blackburn
1933/4G Walker
1932/3G Ferguson